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Many patients choose acupuncture because of the time and attention practitioners can devote to really understanding their patient's health concerns and trying to get to the "root" of their condition. This is why the first consultation with Jo is generally longer than later sessions and why you may be asked questions about your health which may not appear to be connected to your immediate symptoms.


By gathering this information, taking pulses and looking at your tongue, Jo is able to draw up a diagnosis and an individualised treatment plan. This is  an important advantage of Chinese Medicine because it views each patient as being wholly unique so their treatment is designed specifically to work for them.


On its simplest level Acupuncture is based on an understanding of the body's vital energy, or Qi, how it flows and the factors and conditions that cause it to become out of balance. The stresses and strains of modern living  can take their toll causing energy to become depleted, disturbed or obstructed leading then to pain, illness and emotional disharmony. Needling, moxa and cupping are all used to encourage the healthy flow of Qi, restore balance and promote physical and emotional well being. That's why many patients also describe feeling generally "better in themselves" as a result of treatment.


For those people who may feel nervous about the use of needles, rest assured that they are high quality, ultra-fine, sterile and disposable. There are also other approaches that can be used instead of needling such as acupressure and cupping. 



Acupuncture Treatment